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National Rally/AGM

Cromwell 2017

BY  Rob Jones

(click on image for a full size picture) 


Cromwell National Rally and AGM 2017 (more words and pictures to follow)

March 17 it was a dark and stormy night, more shall be revealed in due course


One of the single photos taken of every car and crew attending. Taken at Lake Hawea, this is the car of Graeme Storer and Dorothy Blair. A very smart Deluxe indeed, love those wheels!

The rare sight of three Peel Me a Grape cars together. These are the Morris, Sweetman and Prouting cars. There are more this colour around the South Island too, one has just joined the Club.

The small collection of Deluxe models attending the Cromwell event, being the Bitter Apricot Buchanan, Crystal White Storer, Dry Red Young and Am Eye Blue Jones cars. We should not overlook the less common survivors these days.

The Am Eye Blue Deluxe 6 of Rob and Sonya Jones, on the occasion of the 2017 AGM crewed by Rob and his nephew Jared Simpson of the West Australian P76 Club.