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The car is New Zealand assembled and was first registered on May 29 1974 with plate GQ2207.

It was bought new off Watts and Grieve Ltd of Invercargill, by Ewen's uncles’ brother who lived 2 kilometres from where they now live. His name was Hector McDonald and he owned it for 23 years finally letting the registration lapse.

The next owner for 10 years got the car re registered in 2007 and it now carries EFM868. Another two owners over five years saw the car end up with Ewen's son, along with 3 other P76’s as part of a deal! They all ended up sitting in open sheds getting the worse for wear. As Ewen knew the history of EFM868 a deal was struck, he would restore it and his grandson would get it when they have no further use for the car.

First job was to tidy and paint the engine bay, underside and finally a fresh coat of paint over the outside. Don Alexander helped with chrome strips from the parts shed in Christchurch, a nice set of mag wheels, twin pipes with single expansion mufflers.....got to get that nice V8 rumble and it was ready for the official stickers. They have kept the original wheels and hubcaps, however the wider section mags give superior handling. Ewen believes the speedo is accurate with 153000 genuine kms travelled in 40 odd years.

They have named their P76 ‘Hector’ in memory of the first owner.

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