This car used to belong to Murray Hatchard of Christchurch who had owned a P76 continuously since 1974. His first was a Corinthian Blue Deluxe. He ran this car as a taxi for eight years. Over the years he also gathered a Nutmeg Executive, another Corinthian Blue Deluxe, a Country Cream Leyland, a Spanish Olive Deluxe, a Envy Green 6 cylinder with black vinyl roof, a Crystal White Super and a Peel Me A Grape Executive. He has since wrecked the Country Cream, Spanish Olive, Corinthian Blue and the Nutmeg. He also sold the ex Taxi. The Envy Green is a restoration project.

Murray left the Club in about 2014 and has recently sold his road going cars. This PMAG Executive was bought by Don and Helen Prouting who proudly showed it off at the 2017 National Rally and AGM in Cromwell. The CW Super seen behind the PMAG car has been purchased by Don and Jenifer Alexander to keep company with their AG Executive.

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