Our latest restoration?

Don and Elva Sutherland’s CB S V8, the result of a long restoration. This is Don and Elva’s first P76 bought new and kept in the shed for a long time awaiting its return to glory. And its time came in 2012 and the car has now been seen at two National Rally's and several Northern Group events and stands out in what is now a less common colour in the club. This photo was taken at the Tramway Museum, a busy place with a lot of visitors in P76's and other cars and horses everywhere as can be seen in the background.

A deserved winner of the Dale Rawlings Memorial People's Choice Trophy, it glistens in the sun.

Sadly Don Sutherland, our 7th remaining founder member passed away on June 29 2015. Don and Elva’s car has now moved into the care of their daughter Annette King. This car was to keep company with Annette’s immaculate DR S but surprise surprise, the DR S now resides in the UK with Alan Firth.

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