Edward Tubman

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Above and below we see illustrated the playful side of Ed Tubman. He has amassed a sizable collection of P76 models amongst others as you can see. There are five Trax models, a Dinkum and four examples of the hand built offerings from the NSW Club via Steve Maher, a total of 10 Leyland P76 derivatives. We see two Force 7V's, a station wagon and THE rally car, five Supers and a Targa Florio and that's just in these two photo's

The other vehicles including a Holden, two Rovers’, and the Morris BMC service van are from Corgi, Trax and I think Vanguards models. The buildings are mostly Ed's own work and the NZMC garage was just dumb luck that we found some window stickers in Taihape years ago along with some parts. Signs, clocks and other accessories are part of Ed's wonderful collection of models that compliment his railway layout.

Thanks for this little glimpse into your "shed" Ed, it certainly makes me want to get my dioramas and display’ s under way. I don't however, have that many Leyland's to use!

(c) Leyland P76 Owners Club Incorporated of New Zealand