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2017 British Car Day 

2017 British Car Day



2016 British Car Day 

2016 British Car Day


2016 Motorama at Morrinsville


2016 Wheels With Attitude


2016 All Aussie Car Day

2016 Rotorua Vintage and Classic Car Show


2015 Aussie Day Out

2015 Palmerston North Swap Meet


2015 British Car Day


2015 All Aussie Car Day 


2015 Wheels with Attitude 

2014 Aussie Day Out

2014 Te Awamutu Car Show


2014 British Car Day 


2014 Shannon Car Show


2014 Wheels with Attitude 

2014 All Australia Car Day


2014 Rotorua Vintage and Classic Car Show

2013 Dine Out in Vegas Hot Rod Show No2

2013 Waikato Triumph Car Club's British Car Day

2013 Aussie Day Out


2013 Tui Bikes and Car Show


2013 All Aussie Day



2013 Shannon Car Show


2013 Upper Hutt British Car Day


2013 Wheels with Attitude

2012 Wheels on Field 

2012 Aussie Day Out

2012 Sutherland Dynasty

2012 Upper Hutt British Car Day

 2011 Aussie Day Out

 2011 Te Awamutu Classic Car Show

2011 Cambridge Triumph Car Club

2011 Gearjammers and Muscle Cars

2011 Wheels on Windsor

2011 Paeroa V8 Day

2011  Upper Hutt British Car Day

2011 Morrinsville Motorama

2011 Wheels with Attitude

2010 31st Lake Ferry Classic

2008 Classic Car Show


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