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Bruce Pulman Park, Papakura

November 13 2011

by Philip Meyer

The sun rose suddenly at exactly 0558 hours on Sunday 13 November 2011 just at the exact same time as the Meyer alarm clock signalled its intention to start the day. Shut Up. Go Away. Doesn't work. Get up. Get Dressed. Doesn't Work. Make Toast. Make Tea. Give to Wife. That Works. Just As Tubman Said It Would. At Bazza's the night before. Judith Said: You thank Edward for my Morning Tea. I didn't, I wouldn't. The Great Centre Island Substitute Run had begun the day before with the arrival at Pukekohe of , in no particular order: Maunders, Fred and Rosalie from Whangarei, Sutherlands, Don and Elva from Matamata, Kings, Mike and Annette from Tauranga and Tubmans, Edward and Annette from Hamilton. First and only item on the agenda: Dinner at Bazza's Steakhouse at 7 p.m. The only meal that I am happy to comment on is that of personal experience. Entrée-the only one delivered to the table, Deep Fried Camembert. I have had better but it was a long long long time ago. Eye Fillet Steak Main, medium rare, pepper sauce, baked spud with garlic butter. If I say "To Die For" then I shouldn't be writing this from an earthly address, in fact, I am of the firm belief that perhaps this is coming from Heaven. See later. But, Wait, There Is More. IceCreamSundae. Yes, this is Heaven.

So the bloody sun and/or the bloody alarm clock ruined what was promising to be a a pleasant Sunday Morning Lie-In. The Convoy left BK's Motel at 0800 hours as arranged. Edward's TomTom said "DO NOT PASS THROUGH BOMBAY", so Philip took the lead and went via Burtt Road to Drury, Picked up David Timms minus Skippy at Papakura and proceeded to Bruce Pulman Park (once the Papakura Army Barracks) for the GM Enthusiasts Club Aussie Day Out (henceforth referred to as ADO, although that may change to P76DO). Our allocated spot was perfect: under the spotlight, at the entrance to the cafeteria, more importantly the bar and even more importantly the PRIZES. (I do have to report that we do have to work on our skills at RAFFLE PRIZE WINNING). Breakfast of Bacon, Eggs, Hash Browns, Sausages, Toast, Horrible Mashed Tomatoes had been included in the registration fee. So after last night's repast just what was essential, a bloody good feed, was supplied in the nick of time. In order of arrival, or at least pretty close to it: Royce King (Blue P76), Dave Timms (Blue P76), Philip Meyer (White P76), Edward Tubman (Navy P76), Fred Maunder (Red< ? > P76), Don Sutherland (Green P76), Mike King (White P76), Gordon Gruebner (Yellow P76), Alex Reid (Yellow P76). To save you, the avid reader, the mental strain of making this momentous calculation, there were NINE Leyland P76's in a LINE . Mike King reliably informed me that this was the biggest number of P's in one place at one time since Methven AGM.

Here should now follow a detailed account of the lies, stories, inventions, gossip, innuendoes, bullshit, crap, lies, stories, inventions, gossip, innuendoes, bullshit, crap, lies, stories, inventions that were told related, repeated, added to, augmented and supplemented that occurred, but, I know that you, the avid reader, would not believe any of them, so in the interests of economy of the Nation, I shall deal directly with the Prizegiving, or in the views of the P-Nutters, the PRIZESRECEIVING.

First up: Philip Meyer "Best P76" for 2010 (held over from the previous year)

Next: Best Club Display: Leyland P76 (received by Edward)

Next: Furthest Travelled: Fred Maunder (Next closest, another Whangarei attendee, 7 kilometers closer: keep your address, Fred) Next: Best Leyland P76: Mike King.

Next: Top Ten Vehicles: Edward Tubman..

The Rest: Who Cares?

It was a privilege and an honour to have been associated with this event and I sincerely thank those who supported the event and especially our Club. I know that the organizers were impressed with our participation.

I'm happy to let Philip explain how happy he and the other participants are after their successful invasion of the Aussie Day Out (see above), however, there are some observations I must make to compliment the group that took it to the "others"!

You see, the original invitation went out to GM - Holden, Ford, Valiant and Aussie assembled Ramblers, no mention of Leyland there is there, despite Philip and David Timms showing the rally car and Executive at last years' event. The organisers are very sorry about the oversight and shan't forget next year I'm sure.

The side photo shows so many familiar faces that I will list them again anyway as they deserve the credit. L to R we see Ed Tubman, Pauline, daughter of Alex Reid, then Alex himself, Fred Maunder, Philip Meyer, Mr King, brother of Mike, Alva Sutherland, Royce King - nephew of Mike, Mike himself, Rosalie Maunder, Don Sutherland, Annette Purcell, David Timms trying to hide behind Annette King and Gordon Gruebner on the end. She is too small to hide you mate.

Observed from the photos supplied, David, you have a dent, Alex you are sporting your old number plates and Gordon, congratulations on your cars second showing and at such a significant event. Two B as B Supers, where was the third one other David?

Philip did a rough count and suggests that in fact Leyland P76's outnumbered the Fords and Valiant's present. He didn't mention any Ramblers at all which is a shame as they are nice too. And as for numbers I'm afraid Mike is mistaken in his calculation about the size of the line up of Leyland's. Nine has been exceeded on a couple of occasions since Methven, two of them at least being in other South Island locations. No matter, nine is nice