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Morrinsville Motorama

February 6 2011

by Ed Tubman

A great turnout from the local Waikato/Bay of Plenty team, Don Sutherland, Mike and Annette King, Steve Learmonth, Annette and myself.

At last the P seemed to be behaving itself, everything going, nothing falling off and no leaks.

It was an extremely hot day for the Waikato, but we had our tent and were well set up in the shade. Then along came Alec Reid, looking a little sheepish, as only Alec can do, where is the car? A Bold as Brass might fill the gap where my Monaro used to be, but no Leyland, Alec had brought his little MG BGT toy and left if all by itself in the rows of cars, But he did come.

We also heard the sad story of Royce King's car and its travels to somewhere. A lot of the Local's took the flyers and promised to contact Mike if anything was seen of it. We can now advise of the very lucky and satisfactory return of Royce's car. Look for it next time.

Over 300 cars turned up for the day with as much to look at as anyone could wish for, mainly from the 50's onwards with Hotrods and a couple of modern clubs as well.

Was Kevin Bloxham there with his 39 Plymouth?

Below we see the line up of Leyland's, a couple showing off their flash but very informative and well presented sign boards. Have you considered one of these for your car?

L to R we have Don's AG Executive, Steve's Rosso Fire mild custom Executive, Mike's CW mild custom Executive and Ed's ON mild custom Leyland, as he didn't want to label it!

I use the term mild custom as the three cars concerned are not exactly standard but do represent the Leyland P76 and the Club extremely well and to be true all are completely different in their approach to the "art". Don's car is also a great representative of the marquee in its 99.9% standard guise. Personally I don't believe there is a "standard" configuration Leyland these days, even mine could be called mild custom if you look closely at it!