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Paeroa V8 Day

February 19 2011

by Ed Tubman

A curtain raiser for the Paeroa Street Races for the bikes, as always in Paeroa the town gets right behind the cars with a parade through the main street and then on to the Racecourse for a park up.

Again we had the Waikato/Bay of Plenty team of Mike and Annette, Steve, Annette and myself with back up from a very pleased Royce King. He has his car back, a friend had spotted it and the Police set up surveillance and caught the driver as he came back to pick up the car, it was parked under a camera! Dickhead of the year!

Only minor paint damage to the car, the rest of it is thankfully OK.

Again a very hot day, but the trees provided plenty of shade, and the cars generated lots of interest Mike has a couple of contacts of people who want to relive the 70's and need a P.

Again my P had a good run and thoughts of bringing it South returned, but no. The speedo cable got too close to the exhaust and garage got lubricated again. Back on the blocks.

We have had a couple of really good shows with lots of good comments about the P's. Still the odd people who think they know the complete story about what went wrong but Mike usually takes them behind a tree and sorts them out.