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Cambridge Triumph Car Club

April 2011

by Ron Butler

The Cambridge Triumph Club organise a big car show in Te Awamutu that has attracted P76's for several years now. Mike King tells me that this year's show was a biggie with a huge array of vehicles on display, strong public support - lots of visitors - and an even greater appreciation and interest in the Leyland's that were attending. This is not surprising given quality of the cars on display. Yes it is the usual bunch, but almost all those available in the 'immediate" area unless Mike was to take both of his. There are a DR Executive and a CW Super? still to join the ranks. Let's hope they make it for next summer.

There is also some competition for cars as Mike also said that another show coming up in Tauranga wants his P76 but also really want him to take his Van Den Plas Princess as they are trying to get as many makes on display as they can and these cars are not too common a sight anywhere really. So that will be one less Leyland again. Having said that Mike was pleased to see a Van Den Plas 1300 at Te Awamutu - you are not alone!

L to R we see the cars of Royce King AEB/S, Ed Tubman ON/ L, Steve Learmonth RF/L, Mike King CW/E and Don Sutherland AG/E.

The intriguing works 1.8 Marina TC of Jim Richards and Jim Carney from 1972.