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Wheels with Attitude Day in Dannevirke

February 6 2011

by Rob Jones

Again this all comer's show was everything one could expect, other than the chance to take it ALL in. Bigger than the previous one I was assured by one of the organisers later.

We only got three P76's as seen below. They are the CW Super's of Brian and Colleen Francis and Merv Cox and our AEB Deluxe 6. As usual they caused quite a stir with the 1000's of visitors to the show. See the PA Vauxhall behind the Leyland's, that car has done less than 80,000 miles and is neatly original.

We were backed up by other members in other cars like Bryan and Beth Lawrence in their MX5, also in the photo. They stayed the night at our place to shorten the journey the next day. Ian Hunter came in his truck! Bruce Cooper came with his friend Ann in her late model Monaro. Clive and Carol Cottle came in their Toyota 4WD, their proper cars having glass and gasket issues! We even saw Bert Empson there with his Daimler, he being an ex Southern Group member from way back.

And out of the blue we were approached by a bloke who came in a 34 Ford who wants to join the Club as he owns a DR Deluxe (I think) which has been in the family for years and in fact was in the club back in 1993. We don't have a DR car in our group that I can recall.

All sorts of cars, clubs and countries were represented along with trucks, motorcycles, and tractors. I'm sure I've never seen so many MGF's in one place before. Manawatu Mercedes were extremely well represented as was their Humber/ Hillman Club, as always with the Humber ambulance along for the ride. We followed it part way home and it is an awesome beast to travel behind! There were rare - unusual - cars and rare, just plain gone vehicles on display as you will see in the following photos.

Rare: 1957 AC Bristol ACECA. That's what it said on the label Beautiful Bulk My dream Yank tank, a 1958 Chevrolet, this one an SS with 454 power. Just plain gone: 1974 Morris J4 van. Beautiful: A line up of Leyland's. Brian's 44 gallon drum in the boot never ceases to amaze people.
1970 BMC Freeway. It is badged BMC on the grill. Believed to be a Masterton Car 1959 Builc LeSabre a LHD model.  1947 Ford Super Deluxe in near original condition.  

(Click on picture to see full size image)

The Buick Le Sabre and BMC 1800 may have to wait for another day as this page is now full Hell, I can't photograph everything, I'd get into trouble. Abby loved the bouncy castle and Bert, Brian, Merv and Bryan all won spot prizes, how come I didn't?