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Aussie Day Out 2012

November 9th 2012

by Mike King and Philip Meyer


Report 1 Mike King  

November 9 saw a reduced number of Leyland P76’s contest this show and despite this they still made a good showing and nabbed a few trophies. Those in attendance were Alec Reid B as B S V8, Brent Reid P S V8, Dave Timms AEB E V8, Don Sutherland CB S V8, Ian and Deborah Sutherland AG E V8 and Mike King's CW E V8, a very nice line up of Leyland’s indeed.

There were about 90 cars on show this year. Philip Meyer also came along to take some photos but as you know his P76 is now resident offshore and the Saab doesn't quite qualify for this event. President Mike passes on his thanks to Philip for his continued efforts in getting Northern Group cars organised for these events.

Brent Reid won a Top 10 certificate, Mike King got Best P76 and furtherest travelled trophies and the group won the Best Club display award, the trophy for which is still to come.

People's choice and best Holden was taken out by Mike's bee keeper Mark Silson from Kati Kati with his 1970 Holden Monaro.

 Below we see the cars and the people who showed them off to such acclaim.

Here we see L to R Brent Reid, Alex Reid, not related to Brent, Mike King, Elva Sutherland, David Timms, Don Sutherland, Maria, Deb and Ian Sutherland, Annette King and Pauline, Alex’s daughter in the rear hurrying to get in the photo and the trophies on the table.    

Report 2 Philip Meyer

Robbie Deans has just been interviewed on TV. His achievements have captured the attention of EVERY Kiwi left in this country. Well Done, Robbie, may you grace the Aussie sports scene for heaps of years to come. This theme is a very sophisticated and useful introduction to the worrisome        relationship that Kiwis have to those who chose or were otherwise seconded to our West Island. So it came to pass that a group known as “GM Supporters Club” insisted that the annual Aussie Day Out be held again at Takanini this year. Could P76’s outshine Holdens, Fords and Valiants again? Of course.  We may have been down slightly in numbers, but the quality had improved somewhat. We had a couple of new representatives with some damn fine machinery on show. Unfortunately I had to leave before prize giving, so Rob will have to gather that information from Mike, who has sent me some photos of our members proudly standing with their trophies. Congratulations to all the winners, the attendance of the six P’s was wonderful, as was the  highly technical trick of not having more than one colour more than once. Present with vehicles: Alex Reid  (yellow), Brent Reid (red), Dave Timms (blue), Don Sutherland (dark blue), Ian (green) and Mike King (white).  This was the first occasion that we had the pleasure of seeing Brent’s immaculate restoration — there hopefully will be further comment on this vehicle soon. And David’s car is looking better and better every time that we see it.  Note especially the wheels on these two cars. 

Thanks to the GM Club firstly for including us in a great day out and secondly for allotting the Prime Spot to our Club vehicles. Oh, and also for arranging the great weather. 

Also in attendance, apart from the obligatory Holdens were some Fords and a couple of Valiants (no Chargers).  The biggest advantage of attending such an event is the opportunity for an interchange of ideas; for a cementing of a web of contacts; for a dissemination of knowledge of things mechanical and otherwise. How could you miss it?  And there was bugger all Green and Gold.

The first two photos are of Brent’s Pimento car followed by David's AEB proudly showing off its new wheel and NO dent in its guard.