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Sutherland Dynasty

May 19 2012

By ??


The Sutherland Dynasty celebrate the 40th Wedding Anniversary of one of their own, Annette and Mike King, congratulations on this milestone and on the wonderful collection of friends you have with similar cars to yours! This gathering was over May 19th and 20th 2012.

And congratulations to the father of it all, Don for getting his original brand spanking new P76 - CB S V8 - back on the road after many years retirement. This was a founding car within the club, one of very few originals left no doubt!

There are five family P76 cars in the photo. From L to R we have the cars of Tubman, Maunder, Learmonth, Sutherland, Sutherland, King, King and King and of course the Van den Plas is the King's other car. Quite a spectacular gathering to celebrate an important occasion on what looks to be a beautiful day. Again congratulations to Mike and Annette King.