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British Car Day

Trentham Memorial Park, Upper Hutt

February 12 2012

by Rob Jones

(Click on the picture to enlarge)

Merv Cox-Crystal White Super, Bryan Francis-Crystal White Super, Paul Heath-Persian Sand Super, Rob Jones-AmEye Blue Deluxe, Ron Butler-French Blue SuperTargaFlorio

A typical Paul Heath photo taken late on a warm sunny day, February 12th with our usual limited number of attendee's. I should explain that while there was in excess of 400 vehicles at the show we always park on the "outskirts" to encourage people across the park rather than plonking themselves just inside the gate. This is a direct hangover from when I used to be organising the show and Paul and Bruce Cooper came along to assist early in the morning and we found people were too scared to go too far from the gate! And so we carry on the tradition despite some efforts to change it this year I believe.

We borrowed the back of a 1974 Ford Mkl Transit from Masterton to give us the birds eye view of the P76's

This was a special day for me as it was to be the only show day I attended over summer and as well we had arranged a surprise birthday cake for Colleen Butler, her birthday being February 12, British Car Day. Ron had planned a special weekend away, commencing with BCD, the condition being that for Colleen to get her surprise she had to come to the show. Jess and Jack were in on the deal too! Unbelievably, Sonya managed to keep the cake hidden until it was presented and the assembled masses sung happy birthday to Colleen.

Along with those in P76's, Merv and Rose, Brian and Colleen, Paul and Linda, Ron, Colleen, Jessica and Jack and Sonya, Abby and I we were also supported in our choral efforts by Bruce and Ann, Bryan and Beth and Robin Colman and a few other visitors to as I recall. Colleen cut the cake (carefully) on the boot of our car and everyone enjoyed a good sized piece. Our local - Ten O'clock Cookie Company - make a great range of cakes.

Over the page we see the cake cutting and some of the other interesting cars on display like the rare sight of two 1951 Ford Prefects - definitely a rare sight at BCD - AU5666 belongs to my old neighbour Trevor Watson from Wainuiomata and the other car belongs to Colin McLeod who is usually associated with an Austin A30 van or a Vauxhall!

Moving away from the Fords, we move onto a slightly more majestic car in the form of a 1950 Humber Snipe. This was a beautiful example. Notice in the background the old 1949 Humber Ambulance and the sweet little Triumph TR3A from 1958. The oldest car there was a 1912 RR Silver Ghost and the newest, a just landed MG was also on display. People's Choice went to Don Ryder's beautiful D Type Jaguar Replica as shown in the latest NZCC.


Marina, 1975 UK model with 1275cc engine from Masterton.  Owned for twelve years, used very regularly and now the owner has a spare in the back shed as well.

1950 Humber Snipe.

Two 1951 Ford Prefects

1966 Riley Elf.

1960 Commer Cobb.

1958 Triumph TR3A