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 Aussie Day Out

November 10th 2013

by Philip Meyer

The Aussie Day Out was hosted by the GM Enthusiasts Club at Ardmore Marist Rugby Club.

Six P76's ferried their passengers to this event allowing for six P76s to be on display. The lucky participants from around the northern Group were King from Tauranga CW E V8, Tubman from Hamilton ON L V8, Sutherland from Matarnata CB S V8, Timms from Weymouth AEB E V8, Gruebner from Karaka B as B S V8 and Reid from Howick B as B S V8(or Mellons Bay who thinks up these names!) Great effort guys.

Whilst the show seemed to lack the excitement of the previous events the Leyland Club still managed a good haul of trophies. Mike and Annette King won Best P76 and furthest travelled, a mere 356ks round trip. Mike says he is either dedicated or mad or both to go that far for a few hours of car show and then head home again. Dedicated man, dedicated!

There were two trophies for Best Club display, one of which was carried over from last year. How did they forget to give it to you?

Mike also offers insight into yet another show attended by a range of club members in a range of cars. Five members in five show cars, two of which were P76s! And they hopefully recruited the new owner of old member Mark Biddle's rather nice special P76 that happened across their path on the day. So we look forward to that report and photos soon. Photos follow, the line up and the trophies, and next time there may be some more.

L to R we see Gordon Gruebner, Don Sutherland, Ed Tubman, a haul of trophies on Mike's car, Alec Reid, Dave Timms and Mike King, most displaying a variety of Club regalia.

Annette King, trophy wife of Mike, brandishing all the shiny ware accompanied by her dad Don. It is a family dynasty remember.