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 Dannervirke Car Show

ďDine out in Vegas Hot Rod Show No 2Ē

21 September 2013

by Rob Jones

I received an email from Jamie McFarland saying there was to be an American and Australian car show in Dannevirke on September 21, oh joy a Saturday so I/we could go.

I spread the word amongst the Central Group suggesting that some of us who may not have a P76 on the road could bring some other qualifying car. This actually happened!

As the day drew near I felt less healthy and the weather got less inviting, to the extent that I fitted new windscreen wipers to the P. After a feverish night I felt a little better than it looked outside but we decided that the family needed a day out and as its a few miles away the weather could improve. The drive up wasnít too bad really, the car liked the good run and the new fuel pump proved its worth with smooth nonstop running there and back and the weather held. We saw Ron pass by ahead of us in Woodville but didnít see him again until we arrived in Dannevirke. He was about 200 yards from the venue but seemed lost?

As the two P76ís cruised in together followed by Jessica, Jack and Pete in his XR6 Turbo we got the usual surprised reaction, thereís two more of them!

What an entrance way, a fully fledged drag car, Harley Davidsonís and Americana lined the way around the Dannevirke Citizens and Services Club, co-sponsors of the event with Dannevirke branch of the National Street Rod Association. I canít imagine that the Leyland Club has attended too many NSRA events before.

As it happened we ended up with the Pís all in a line nose to tail along the back fence line. The organiser was directing parking and did a great job of allowing space around the cars and getting them in a straight line as well. Well four out of the five there anyway.

Parked up, open the bonnets, say hello to everyone put up/out the signs and let the questions begin. There were some spectacular cars on display but that did not detract from the interest shown in the P76ís by the other drivers and the many visitors to the show.

The P76ís on display included Jamie McFarland, FB S, Merv Cox, CW S, Andrew Larsen,
SO D, Rob, Sonya and Abby Jones AEB D6 and Ron Butler, FB TFR and behind Ron being an honorary P76 was the XR6 Turbo. Jack did have his P76 club t shirt on.

And to the others, Martin Waayer had his Mustang on display, Bruce and Ann, Clive and Carol and I believe Robin Colman also visited for a look and unfortunately Brian and Colleen Francis missed out as their P76 failed to proceed past Shannon due to an electrical mishap. It was good to finally meet Jamie having only ever waved to his P76 in passing.

There will be photos below some of my favourite American cars and the Leylandís of course. Notice the 17 inch Crager wheels fitted to Jamieís car. They look really nice!

In amongst all this was a beautiful Jaguar XK120 Roadster in Silver all the way down from Hastings. The story goes the owner just drives his car to any show he knows of and who would turn such a car away?

The reception we got in such fine company was very satisfying, the interest shown was genuine with sensible questions being asked of the owners about their cars, and it didnít seem to stop, probably because cars were rolling in for the duration of the show. I didnít capture them all on film but cars like the Dodge Seneca wagon, the Model A coupe, some Studebakers, the big green GMC truck and the 61? Ford Thunderbird warranted a close look. There were various Holdenís, young and old and Chevrolet powered not many Valiantís and not too many Aussie Fords as we know them either. But the 70 odd cars that were there made a great comparison of styles, types and development because obviously amongst them were any number of hot rods, radical, classy, rat style and just old originals lowered and repowered like a 35 Plymouth in its own old pale green finish.

We did take a break and head to town to show Abby the Fantasy Cave, a delightful local attraction any child would love to see. We took Megan years ago and I canít remember if it has changed or not (must have) but it is now a place of wonderment if you could have seen the look on Abbyís face. All the old nursery rhymes are represented with moving interactive displays. Several newer characters are also represented in similar displays. There were several groups from the car show going through the cave. It is really well done and you should stop for a look if passing through with the kids.

Back at the show the rain had started and everyone was inside partaking of the clubs hospitality. Good food on offer at good prices and a full range of refreshments. The spot prize giving was eagerly awaited and boy did they have a lot to give away!

Our group did very well with Merv, Martin, Peter and Ron all getting a prize pack. Iím used to it; I never win them, especially in Dannevirke! Read the back issues of Penzed.

So that was the end of the day, we said our goodbyes and jumped into the cars and headed off between the showers. Of course it was fine by the time we returned to Masterton.

A collage of photos follow and from top to bottom they are a 47 Ford V8 Super Deluxe in a sweet dark red, a 69 Oldsmobile Cutlass, immaculate in silver and chrome under the bonnet, this car sports a 350ci Rocket motor producing 407hp! The owner was a very knowledgeable chap who even knew of P76 owners in Masterton back in the 70ís. Then we see the 66 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport, one of two there followed by one of the superb extremes of American auto design, a 59 Buick Le Sabre Ė gorgeous! A 1967 Ford Fairlane LTD. The 56 Ford mainline ute might be a bit more familiar to some of our older members, probably being more common back in the day than the Buick, Oldsmobile or even the Chev. Spot the Plymouth behind the Oldsí.
Itís not my desired 72 boat tail but this 67 Buick Riviera comes pretty close. Pretty too!