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 Shannon Car Show

10 February 2013

by Colleen Francis

This event clashed with The British Car Day and we had to make the decision of which to attend. Shannon being just down the road won. A large appreciative crowd wandered around and a great array of cars was exhibited with the most impressive being the 6 Ferrari's on display. If only! We were the only P76 there and people were telling us stories of their memories of the car. Several remember them as police cars in Paraparaumu, or Temuka. One story entailed a P76 Police car giving chase to an offender and thanking him when stopped because he now knew how fast the P76 would go. It ended in an ‘Excessive Speeding’ ticket being given. The 40 gallon drum in our boot attracts a lot of attention. We have more queries about “Is that the petrol tank” or "Is that your BBQ"

We will be doing a short write up on the drum for next time.

The day was very hot & our gazebo was put to good use especially by the local motorcycle club. Unfortunately the heat made for a shortened day but it was still well worth while attending.