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 Tui Bikes and Car Show

February 2013

by Jamie McFarland

I was talking to Colleen Francis at the Wheels with Attitude show in Darmevirke who asked if I'd compile a brief report on the Tui Cars and Bikes show at the Brewery a few weeks back for the newsletter so here goes.

A Stunning day started off nice and early meeting up with a large group of a dozen assorted cars at Mobil Dannevirke, the group was mostly Ford, with a gaggle of Chevís and our original condition Super P76 V8 we recently purchased off Ian Hunter. This made for a nice bit of variety making an interesting looking convoy down SH2 to the home of Davina and Brucetta and the rest of the Tui girls. Luckily for us we came across a couple of cattle carrying stock trucks on a passing lane and the old girl got a bit of right boot as the car caught behind them was a brand new T Bucket!!!! Enjoyable next 30kms for that guy!!!

Arriving at the brewery late morning, we were blown away with the number of cars already there, seemed to be in excess of 100 by 10:30am! It seemed as though the motorcyclists cannot tell the time as most showed up after lunch! But most surprising for us was finding we were the sole P76 there, especially on such a nice day and being such a great location!!!

In terms of the cars there it was actually quite disappointing if you are into variety... an awful large number of Mustangs and Corvettes (some people just lack taste!) a high number of mostly replica 70's GT Falcons and generally 1s and 2s of your typical 50's Bel Air's and Customline's, 60's Camaro's and Firebirds, one joker who had to have missed a turn somewhere in Woodville who showed up in a RX3 Mazda (poor guy copped allsorts about jap cars on the magnetic Tui Billboard!) oh and a large number of large black leather clad people sitting on Air compressors, oh I mean Harleys!!!!

The afternoon was mostly spent listening to a surprisingly good 2 piece local band and sampling the local product until they ran out of cold beer! Fancy that, a Brewery running out of decent cold beer! Prize giving was drawn around 2 o'clock. Disappointingly the "top car prize" went to a plain boring white Dodge Ram towing a jet boat! I guess that's what you get when the Tui girls do the judging!

Even funnier was the fact the bike prize winners were given "swappa crates" as prizes, um where do you think you can put those on most Harleys?

A great day in the sun was ended with a nice leisurely cruise back to Norsewood with the P76 not missing a beat the whole way, it's been a great purchase and will provide many more entertaining days in the future for us. I know our 4 year old loves telling everyone at preschool about his weekend trips in HIS Leyland!