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 The 27th British Car Day

10 February 2013

by Rob Jones

While circumstances conspired to prevent us from taking our P76 let me assure you that the car itself was keen and ready but circumstances were against it and us damn it! I have attended every event, even the two which got cancelled due to the park flooding overnight. Somebody had to make the harsh call and both times there were people waiting at the gates to get in when we got there in the teeming rain! This is the first that I have not had a show car to attend in; we had four of our carís one year thanks to helpful neighbours. A Honda CRV while immensely practical is not a show car!

Blessed with another bright sunny day with little breeze and a glistening display of many makes and models, we sadly had only three P76ís, those of Paul, Ron and Merv and I didn't photograph them either. I could use any photo from the last couple of years but I won't.

As I was moving slowly Sonya kindly agreed to accompany me and be the secretary in charge of my photo diary while I snapped photos and got reacquainted with old friends every few yards! A time consuming walk indeed. I saw a lot more of the cars than I have in the previous few years but still only got round from 12 through to 9 on the clock face missing out on the majority of the Jaguarís, Daimlerís Rolls and Bentley's on display. A sin!

It was Morris this year (again) that took my fancy with some new restorations and developments of note along with a few other notables. I can't show them all here but they will all appear on the website later on.

The event supports t he Wellington Free Ambulance and they do their best to have a unit on display but it has to be on call and we saw this unit leaving about 11.00 a.m. on a call, never to return. They are a busy service and worthy of the support shown by exhibitors and the public alike. The BCC passes thousands of dollars to them every year after BCD.

There was however two other ex-ambulances on site, one a Leyland DAF now a coffee vending unit and the other a St John Bedford out of Feilding. See the notice on the door advising people that the unit is now "Retired". This also appeared on the rear doors, a nice practical touch probably brought about by political correctness requirements.

A selection of other cars on display

A 1935 Morris 12 showing off its air conditioning system. Beautiful in Black.

1950 Jowett Javelin of BCC stalwart Dick Graham who has manned the BCC tent every year for longer than we can recall. He's the softly spoken big smile, behind the long beard.


1938 Morris Light Delivery


A newly restored 1936 Wolseley 14/ 56 Series in green over green. One of the first shots I spotted on the way in. Not to be missed.

Vauxhall VX220 as seen before the show, but it did attend.
1969 Morris that was a somewhat modified pick-up flexing its muscles. Nicely done    
  1950 Humber 10 1937 Morris 8 Sports