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 Aussie Day Out

November 1st 2014

by Philip Meyer

6.00 p.m. Meet with committee by cormnand of the New President. The agenda of the meeting has been sworn to secrecy, and the SIS informed.
6.59 p.m. The meeting is declared closed.
7.00 p.m. The meeting attendees, E. Tubman, A Purcell, M. King, A. King, P. Meyer, joined by spouses where applicable assemble by request of the organizer at Bazza’s Steak House. Gluttony, imbibing, more gluttony, more imbibing and a whole lot of intelligent conversation.
9.45p.m. Coffee at the Meyer residence.
10.00 p.m. The command is issued by the New President: "Collect us at 8.00 a.m. and lead us to Clevedon School for the 2014 edition of General Motors Enthusiasts Club's Aussie Day Out."

Sunday 02.

8.00 a.m. Meeting, BK’s Motel. Convoy departs, consisting of 1: Saab 9-5 Aero. Grey (Meyer). 2: P76 Targa Blue (Tubman). 3: P76 White
8.45 a.m. Arrive Clevedon School, at exactly the same time as 4: P76 Green (Ian Sutherland + Mrs Deborah Sutherland).
9.00 a.m. 5: P76 Yellow (Alex Reid) arrived.
9.15 a.m. 6: P76 Blue (Timms + Skippy) arrived.
9.20 a.m. Club tent erected and tear drop flag displayed.
10.00 a.m. Several Holden's, fewer Ford's, even less Chrysler Valiant’s, one Vauxhall assembled for display around the P76 group and Breakfast at the Pub next door is available.
Mmmmm. Bacon, eggs, toast, mince, baked beans, chips, tea, coffee. Great Grub.
AND the girls WENT SHOPPING at the markets across the road, thereby missing out on all
the gossip, true stories and useful information that was transferred among the rest of us.
12 noon. Prize giving is announced.
12.15 p.m. Barry Wood (the organizer) thanked everybody who a) came, b) helped, c) cooked, d) sponsored prizes. Then the winners were announced. Leyland did ok: 1. Furthest travelled,
1.00 p.m. We all pretty well went home, except Alex who had already left to attend another school function at Auckland Grammar (name-dropping).

Gordon and Ian were delayed by work commitments in Whangarei, they had registered but couldn't attend.
Peter and Mikaela were unable to attend, as Mikaela was preparing for surgery on Monday.
Steve Learmonth was unable to attend due to last minute commitments.
Gordon Lennox attended (without his P76).

The weather was beaut. Thanks to the Waikato crews for the support of another easy and relaxing day in the heart of Auckland territory.

Below is President Mike receiving his Longest Distance Travelled award and club stalwart Alec Reid steadying himself on the teardrop Leyland banner, or is he showing it off? I'm glad of the explanation of the exhibit shortage but here is still a few more could be there. Central Group will have to do better in February!