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 Rotorua Vintage and Classic Car Show

January 19th 2014

by Rob Jones

Held on January 19, the show was attended by five club members in four makes of car. The P76's were Annette Kings DR S V8 and Don Sutherland's CB S V8, along with Mike King in his beautiful Vanden Plas Princess 4.0L, Ian Sutherland in his Sunbeam Tiger and Deborah Sutherland in her 1957 Plymouth. How's that for variety! The other Sutherlands P76 is having suspension work done to it. Mike says there were over 200 cars on display offering a huge variation of makes and models.

One surprise of the day was seeing the recently sold ex member Mark Biddle’s car drive past, and they to saw the other P76's. After much gesticulating the new owner Mike Rangitutia managed to find a park and sprint back with his kids in tow to see Mike King and the two Leyland’s. This car was not sold cheaply so Mike R must be a fan and Mike K is sending him all the paper work to get on board with us. Being a well presented and nicely developed car similar in ways to Mike and Royce's they will looking forward to it rejoining the ranks. It offers a new colour to show off too!

Notice that Mike King has his Vanden Plas for sale. This is a really lovely car so if you know of anyone into this style of luxury motoring pass on Mike's details to them. I'm sure a liquid commission would follow. Below we see the VDP, CB and DR Super V8’s and an SD1.