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 Te Awamutu Car Show

6 April 2014

by Mike King

The variety of cars in our small group didn't stop us from coming away with a certificate and trophy for best club other than British or European. We did have a mixture of cars though.

Above, left to right are; Ian Sutherland, Plymouth, Deborah Sutherland, Aspen Green E V8, Ed Tubman ON L V8, Steve Learmonth’s amazing Rosso Fire P76, Mike King Van Den Plas Princess 4 litre RR and Annette King DR S V8. Well done team, a great effort.

Our line up certainly attracted a lot of attention and great comments. Both paddocks were full of over 200 cars of many different makes and models, plus a large selection of auto parts for sale. Money raised went to the local Waikato Rescue Helicopter which they had on display.

The day was very hot with many leaving early as the heat was taking its toll. Someone mentioned that it was 28 degrees at midday which I could believe.

Below is a sadly fuzzy photo of Ian's great Plymouth. Blame the Editor for the photo, not Ian. I haven't allowed enough time or forethought to properly identify the Plymouth but I will take a stab at 1956 or 1957. I'm not really game to guess the model, Belvedere maybe?