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 All Aussie Car Day

Manfeild February 7

by Rob Jones

Ed's P76 and Lance's Force 7V line up on the other side of the gazebo.

An event on the calendar hugely anticipated by several of us and as it turned out, a few more too.  All Aussie Car Day at Manfeild on February 7 was held in hot dry conditions but thankfully organiser Dwayne Burrell had managed to get the cars stationed in the paddock rather than on the tar seal.  This allowed the use of Edís gazebo which was much needed on the day.

 I had asked Bruce Cooper to come along in the absence of my family who would accompany me the next day.  Two big shows in a weekend was too much!  We picked up Trevor Day along the way and enjoyed following the beautiful HOTO beast to Manfeild where we had also arranged to meet Ron Butler, Brian Francis and hopefully Andrew Larsen outside before all going in together.  At the last minute, or 48 hours out Ed Tubman decided to join us as well so he was there waiting with Ron but no Brian.  Ron advised that Andrew and Lance Wagstaff were coming in fast so that was cool, we had a Force 7V with us as well but the news on Brian was less encouraging and he wasnít able to make it.  Bad luck mate.

 By the way, belated happy birthday to Tita, Mrs Day who didnít join us but went about continuing her celebration of the night before and that of a friend on show day.

 This little group was gaining a lot of attention parked outside and when we lined up and drove in through the gate and around the back of the grandstand, over a bank and onto the display area, the different sound of so many V8ís caught many ears and of course the F7V catching many an eye.

 Line up, gazebo up, brag boards and various other P publicity out, coffee and cold drinks, bonnets up on some and into it, and then who should arrive having a break from the stock cars but David Timms form Weymouth.  This gave us a pretty wide geographical spread.

 And a bit later in the morning we heard another familiar rumble as a BA S V8 drove in.  Who was this?  No-one we knew it turned out, a new car to all of us.  So in addition to our club cars also shown on the cover we had a newbie.  The cover cars are from L to R Wayne Webberís BA S, Ronís TFR, Andrewís SO D, our AEB D6, Trevorís HOTO S, Edís ON LV8 and Lanceís F7V.  A very worthy representation indeed.  For the eagle eyed Trevorís car does have a red number plate, it always has, it matches the red finish on the mag wheels.

 The cars generated immense interest as usual, especially Lanceís F7V, which needless to say won best Leyland in the prize giving.  Again I didnít win anything so #93 isnít for me, which was my gate number out of about 174 cars on display.  Ed commented that it dwarfed the Auckland ADO a bit.  Peopleís Choice again went to Dwayneís gorgeous XB? Falcon Coupe in glistening black.  This event is organised by the Manawatu Ford Club of which Dwayne is the kingpin but to be fair he does have an impressive car.  I voted for the beautifully restored 1961 EK Holden sedan to no avail. 

 Photos follow, four again being a range of the makes represented starting with the 1961 EK Holden, a 1976 Valiant panel van, another Masterton car XALENT being a 1973 302ci Falcon and a pair of Chryslers from 1973, a Coupe and a Charger.  There were less Valiantís than last year and overall less older model cars but still some nice older Holdenís and Fordís were on display and more importantly there were more Leylandís too!

1966 Holden 

The Club members assembled under the very welcome shelter of Ed's gazebo, L to R you see Ed Tubman, Ron Butler, Bruce Cooper, Dave Timms, Trevor Day, Andrew Larsen and Lance Wagstaff, the photo taken by Rob Jones.

Lance being presented his prize for Best Leyland in Show 2015.

A 1973 Ford XA GT 351 from Masterton.

  The cars of Day, Jones, Larsen, Butler and Webber stretch from R to L.  Mr Webber being a surprise visitor in a car unknown to us!

As AACD finishes mid-afternoon we found ourselves with daylight hours to spare and it was too early to go to the pub. Amongst the many places we could have visited in the area I suggested a trip out to Austin Mews to check it out as a potential attraction for the forthcoming National Rally to be hosted by Central Group. To arrange this we had to contact the then owner Stuart Dykes and visit him at his home (as I had done with my late father a year or so earlier) We arrived to find Stuart painting the roof of one of the wonderful Austinís that grace his plentiful garage space, a 1928 Ranelagh Limo, as I recall he was soon to take up to the Art Deco weekend. Ron quickly availed himself of the very special 1919 Austin Special built by Stuart who subsequently toured the world in this car visiting as many as 28 countries. This is a unique Austin! Ron had to try it for size but I suggested it may be a handful as it has power assisted Nothing to aid your driving.

Also in stock on the day were a 1928 Tourer, a 1924 12/4 Roadster, a tempting vehicle, an A55 sedan and tucked away inside a very desirable Austin 8 sports (convertible) the first Iíd ever seen. This just at Stuartís home! We did go out to the Mews and marvel at the collection of models some of us had not heard of before, and those that we all knew from earlier years, like A30ís. He has a factory prototype!

And as many of you know we did visit Austin Mews as part of the next National Rally, along with the Steam Traction Society next door (or paddock) A great finish to that weekend. Austin Mews is now run by Stuartís daughter and son in law, Sue and Colin Brown and continues to be a developing attraction.

Come and join us next year, we might outnumber the Valiant brigade!

Ron Butler aboard the 1919 Austin Special

1928 Austin Tourer tucked away in a side shed.

1931 Austin Ranelagh Limo, a lovely Big Austin

Pretty 1924 Austin 12/4 Roadster.

  The delightful Austin 8 Sports. This photo was actually taken later at the Mews but clearly shows a very attractive little car.