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Aussie Day Out

November 2015

by Mike King

Pictures taken by Gordon Gruebner

A phone call from Edward reminds us of the upcoming Aussie day out to be held at the Clevedon Primary school football field. With a quick wash of two P76's, I head to Pukekohe to meet up with Ed & Annette and stay at the same motel ( so we can watch the world cup final) and My Annette headed to Matamata to stay with her mother Elva, then travel up the next morning along with her brother Ian in his P76.

With Ian leading the way, all was good until a wrong turn off was taken leading up a narrow roadway thus leading into a dairy farmer’s raceway with lots of green substance which sprayed onto the exhaust giving a potent aroma and many laughs from the following car. With a quick u turn they headed back to the correct road.

Within minutes of Ed & I arriving on site several more P76's arrived with a grand total of 8 cars lining up to present them to the public. Once the final lick & promise was made to the cars it was time to refuel our stomachs with a lovely cooked breakfast and lots of chatter.

With many makes and models of Aussie bred cars all beautify presented it was time for the prize giving with the P76 team once more not missing out.

Best club display trophy: Leyland P76 club,
Top 10 cars certificate, Royce King in his dad Stephen's newly restored P76,
Best judged P76: Mike King's CW S V8
Furthest travelled: Annette & Mike King with their two P76's. (241 kms one way)
Hard luck trophy: Royce King (had to bring his dad's car as his P76 had the front pulley come loose causing a large knocking sound.)

Once the club gazebo was packed away and all of the goodbyes were made it was time to head home.

A big thank you to the effort made by the following members for taking the time and expense to present their cars to this great show. Ed & Annette, Annette & Elva, Ian Sutherland, Royce & Shelleigh King, Gordon Gruebner, Alec Reid & Dave Timms & Maria (Skippy), hopefully we can get 10 cars next year.


From L to R we have Ian Sutherland, Annette Purcell, Mike King, Ed Tubman, Maria (Skippy, she’s an Aussie) Shelleigh and Royce King and Dave Timms. Smile Ed!

It’s a shame we don’t have the same range of prizes on offer at shows around our area and I guess we’d have to have a few more cars turn out to scoop club display but there is always the chance of Best Leyland or being in the Top Ten like Mike was. Congratulations guys and girls.