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Palmerston North Swap Meet

1st August 2015

by Colleen & Brian Francis

P76 surrounded by two Fords, the one on the right being a Thunderbird

Prior to the 1st August we were told about the “Palmy Swap Meet” that was to be held at Manfield Park Fielding that day.

This is an annual event but we had never known to much about it. Along with some friends, we decided to go this year and give our cars a run. Us with the Leyland and friends with their American beasts. Weather was a bit iffy but we left to go in the rain but it cleared up ok but cold.

“Wow’ this show is a big deal. As we turned into the gate we were asked if we wanted to show the Leyland. hell yeh! We were even asked if we wanted to go inside the big pavilion, but opt for outside. There were stalls set up inside and out for folks wanting to sell their bits and pieces. Great assortment, even a Leyland motor. As far as we were aware we were the only Leyland there. Lots of American cars, Hot rods, a cool mini Kenworth truck that Brian wanted to take home, plus the usual Fords, Valliant’s, Holden’s etc. 2.5 hrs well spent hours looking around. The best way to find out what is going on is get a “Petrol Head” these are free from most auto outlets. Nearly every car show is listed.