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 The 29th British Car Day

8 February 2015

by Rob Jones

Triumph Tigress x 4. A new exhibit greatly enjoyed by many.

As a past president of the British Car Club and as Chairman of the BCD organising committee for another 4 or 5 years the show is dear to my heart.  There are many of us who have grown a lot older together attending this event and sadly, quite a few who are no longer here to do so.  To this day I still publicise the event in the Wairarapa and organise various supporting ventures as I might come across them, like the selling of Girl Guide biscuits this year.

 Every year we see more cars, new restorations, a Bradford van, cars that have never been before, a Triumph 2.5 race car, the Austin Princess parked with the P76ís, a 1906 Alldays and  others including Daisy, a Morris Minor that finally broke the MG stranglehold on the Peopleís Choice.  Newly acquired cars like the XK150S and many others I could name.

 Most marques are represented, some in bulk like Jaguar, Daimler, Land Rover, Vauxhall, MG and of course all types of Mini.  All Rootes variants, Rover, Ford, Austin, Morris, Armstrong Siddeley, Riley, Triumph and Wolseley are also strong supporters and then you get a bunch of Jensenís, Jowettís, Reliantís, Morganís and a good selection of Rolls Royce and Bentley models with Leyland, Aston Martin and Alvis amongst others to fill the gaps.  And the motorcycles too!

 The show supports Wellington Free Ambulance and it is a few months later that a substantial donation is presented to WFA.  Iíd be interested to see how many thousands have been given over the years.

 This yearís show was again supported by the British High Commissioner, or his representative and it was a proud Trevor Stone of the WVBC that received the Best Club Display prize from him and Club president Stan Edmonds.  Trevor might well have got Peopleís Choice for the outstanding restoration of his PAX Vauxhall but Johnís Morris had the novelty edge!

 Representing our Club were Paul and Linda with his PS S V8, Ron with his TFR and all of us, me, Sonya, Megan and Abby in the AEB D6 and we were supported by the welcome visits of Hugh and Bronwyn and Bryan and Beth Lawrence whom we havenít seen in a long while.

 Ron and Paul decided we needed an edge so produced the highest by far flag pole on which we flew our Leyland flag.  They combined the two poles into one really tall one.  We shared Ronís gazebo, brilliant things these are, filled it with our chairs and a table and coffee, food etc and made everyone welcome.  We get a lot of visitors from all over as that is what the event is like, an enthusiastís reunion.  Sonya worries that I know so many people!

 It can be a long day and one may have a very dry throat by days end, too much chatting! 

Photos will follow along the same format as before but on the day I met an Englishman, Chris Caffin, who told me that this was the first P76/6 or V8 he had seen since 1973/4 when he was visiting the Leyland plant in Capetown, South Africa.  He absolutely remembers seeing a P76/6 there, it having been sent out for evaluation.  He doesnít recall the colour!   He didnít recall anything else at the time and was heading off overseas a few days later but I will be in touch with him again for sure.  Where is it now I wonder?

 Below we have Pauls photo of the Leyland line up with visitors checking out Ronís car Ė check out that flag atop the long pole!  Yes we are always on the outside rim of the display area.


 And below we have the 1906 Alldays Light Car #2 in case you were wondering what one of these is. I think we have since determined this to be the second oldest car to attend British Car day after a 1903 Wolseley visited several times some years back. This is before they combined with Onions and became Alldays and Onions.  True!

 More BCD photos. 

Mr Ward adds another spectacular Jaguar to his collection, this time a 150S model resplendent in red.

This Austin Allegro was for sale and now resides in Masterton with a BMC car fanatic who also has a Wolseley 18/85, a 1300 and desperately wants an 1800 utility!

Daisy, a 1960 Morris Minor with a distinctive paint job and Nissan motor. Another Masterton car.  You should see his Morris Ute.

All the Mini Clubs and many owners have strongly supported British Car day since the beginning.  A nice orange Clubman just one of many for 2015.

One of two owned by the driver of this green 1980 Austin Princess. A Masterton car 2005 Lotus Elise