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 Wheels with Attitude

2nd February 2015

by Rob Jones


Wheels with Attitude in Dannevirke landed on February 1, not the 8th as I had earlier suggested.  No matter, the AEB D6 headed to Dannevirke, leaving in good time (thank you Sonya and Abby). We noticed Brian and Colleen Francis parked up with some Yankee cars, a big Thunderbird and a ute of some sort so I knew Iíd not be alone. I dropped Sonya off with friends and headed to the show and luckily was directed to Brian so I could park behind him and his mates and benefit from their gazebo.  Great guys, very friendly and some had experience of P76ís so I had to put up with the usual ribbing, at least they were qualified to comment.  Love is long forgotten once you have a Thunderbird apparently!

We were also joined by Ian Hunter and Martin Waayer on the day, Martin in his Mustang!

It was a warm day with gathering cloud that turned to drizzle just before lunch so the prize giving was brought forward, about the time the rain came down in buckets.  Needless to say, Rob has yet to win a spot prize at Dannevirke.  Abby and I stayed in the grandstand for a while as it was out of the rain and when it eased we were off like most of the other amazing assortment of wheeled wonders.  I said it is an all comerís show and they do.  I missed out on the spectacular big old Mack and Kenworth trucks and a lot of the hot-rods, but all continents and types of vehicle were represented, believe me.  I also managed to collect a Matchbox model at a swap meet stall and found a 4 speed P76 gearbox for sale.

I took only 9 photos, which I will share and hopefully they will illustrate my point about the variety of exhibitors.

The 1959 Puch Autocycle and the powered bicycle are a good start point, leaping to the 1919 Dodge 4 Fire Engine, once from Hunterville followed by the beautiful Nissan Gloria and the amazing restored Lilliput Gazelle circa 1963 caravan behind it.  The Gloria was glorious and the Gazelle was almost psychedelic in its interior decoration. I did congratulate them on their superb display.  Then to represent Britain we have a slightly modified Morris 8, A framed to and from the show.  My other photos include a 1964 Volvo P1800, 1976 Morris Marina Ute, 1967 Triumph Herald convertible in vibrant yellow, a 1949 De Soto pick up and a 1934 Chevrolet Standard and there were motorcycles, vintage cars, dozens of MGís, lots of Mercedes Benz, huge numbers of Americana, Holden, Wolseley, Ford from all over, the trucks, tractors and every other make you could just about think of.  The 1949 Humber Pullman ambulance was there, resplendent in its new fawn Waipukurau Hospital Board livery, lots of 50ís Austinís, even an old guy in his immaculate early 80ís Telstar.  His mint car had wheels and attitude!  Sadly the positioning of the P76ís didnít allow our cars to feature here but Iím sure you remember them from many other Penzedís.
1968 Nissan Gloria towing the matching fully period restored circa 1963 Lilliput gazelle caravan. 1919 Dodge 4 fire engine, ex Hunterville Fire Brigade

1939 De Soto pick up, somewhat modified but an awesome looking truck all the same.

1964 Volvo P1800 S.  A Saintly car for sure.  Don't forget to look into the background of the photos as well.

1934 Chevrolet Standard, spokes, spots and running boards, what more could you ask for other than Abby as a bumper ornament!  Note the pink P76 polo shirt again.

1967 Triumph Herald1360  with the roof off, the ladies with the car just loved it.

A slightly modified Morris 8 saloon!  I said everything goes at this show even if it is towed there and back.

Another rare Morris, a 1976 Marina Ute, but not the only one on our web site.

A 1959 Puch Autocycle and a powered bicycle from the 1950's