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 Motorama at Morrinsville


by Mike King


The stars of the show, photographed by Mike, appear above L to R we have Steve’s RF L V8, Mike’s CW S V8, the ex Merv Cox car, Annette’s DR S V8(now in the UK with Alan Firth) and the CB S V8 now under the care of Annette but driven by Deborah on the day. It must be a bugger having to choose which one to take!.

A week before the show, I rang Edward to see if he was going as he normally does but he had a new kitchen to fit that weekend and could not come (trying to build up brownie points) so got hold of Steve Learmonth and he was a starter then Ian and Deborah said they would come along with Annette and myself.

On the Sunday morning we met Steve at Tauriko and headed to Morrinsville but just prior and on a very long straight there was this almighty roar as Steve came from the rear and flew past us with a huge grin on his face. We cannot divulge his speed but if caught he would now be riding a push bike.

We met up with the Sutherlands at the show and lined up the 4 Leyland’s plus Ian's Sunbeam Rapier with all cars attracting much interest along with the 300+ classic cars and trucks. There was even a line-up of 10 stock cars that revved their engines for most of the show.

In conjunction to the cars there was a large swap meet which Ian and I picked through but both looked at each other and said "same sh-t, different location”.