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 Wheels with Attitude

Dannevirke January 31 2016

by Rob Jones


The P76's of Ron, Ed, Paul, Rob and Brian under the Leyland flag.

Continuing on from the All Aussie Car Day story, the morning dawned fine and we set about packing our three cars, Ray travelling with Ron. Ed and I left first due to the long time taken to ready themselves in the other car. We headed out to Woodville to find a breakfast venue accompanied by many a classic en route to WWA in Dannevirke.

And Woodville was full of them with a constant stream passing through as well. My choice of venue was shut so we moved to the next one up the road which already had several ďdriversĒ on board. Breakfast ordered we selected a window seat to watch the parade and see if the other P76ís came through. Brian and Colleen went by with their mate in his green Thunderbird (69?) Paul and Linda stopped a bit up the road giving Paul a great vantage point for his camera. Dutifully a line of Rovers parked behind him on the side street. As they approached us we saw Paul taking a shot of Ronís car.

Iíd finished my meal so went for a walk with Paul and Linda to check out the great antique shops to be found in Woodville, none of which were open yet! Along with the cars I noticed a couple of new eateries as well so grabbed some ďbetter qualityĒ lunch than Iíd had yesterday. And soon enough three P76ís departed Woodville along with all sorts of other machinery for WWA.

Arriving in Neptune Street we were confronted by two entry queues filling the street and there was some great exhibits coming in, and once through the gate it was obvious this was a biggie. I reckon the biggest event yet for WWA. Luckily for us we got in together and were directed to Brian and Colleen who were repelling boarders so we could have the P76ís together. I canít describe what was there other than to say everything maybe. Again the people, ex early member Ernie Greenwell from Wanganui, current members in support like Ian Hunter and Martin Waayer, people from other clubs, friends Romans and countrymen from all over. It was a busy day with extra rows of vehicles to take in and BCD to publicise and thankfully our BCD book being advertised and orders taken by Dave and Sandy Bray.

I meet several people whose cars appeared in the book over the course of the day and they were all grateful to learn of the book and their cars being included. Humber, Rover, Triumph, Hillman and Austin spring to mind. All ordered copies on the day.

To the right is Paulís P76 leading a line of Roverís in Woodville for breakfast. Cafe 88 was doing a roaring trade. The others quite unique and not seen in Penzed before ever! Old school hot rod? (see below) 1929 Chev fitted with a Buick Straight 8 engine necessitating the need for a new body so why not a beautiful boat tail speedster, why not indeed. The owner stood away from the car and was bemused by peopleís reaction. I saw it drive through town a fortnight ago Ė sounds magnificent. A rare bird, a 1959 Edsel ranger from the rear and a hybrid of sorts, an ex Masterton vehicle, canít call it a car. A Fordson truck powered by Rover with Edelbrock fittings, so it lookís American! With Subaru, Toyota and numerous other bits all merged together with a 50 litre beer keg on the back for a petrol tank, itís unique and they love it to bits. A certification nightmare! But it is legal.

Ron Butlerís car in Woodville for breakfast. He parked there but ate at 88!

Driving through Woodville was this Corvette and.....

this Cadillac and... 
This coupe.

A Koala roof top beacon on Paulís car showing off the 2015 AGM rooftop photo to good effect.

Modern Scaniaís join the old Kenworthís on show day.
1959 Edsel Ranger 

The Edsel from the front.

The beautiful 1929 Chevrolet boat tail speedster fitted with a Buick Straight 8 motor. A work of art.

Check out the backgrounds and you will see a Plymouth Prowler and many other makes including some well restored Japanese cars.

As you know Iím not lucky with prizes at WWA and Ed and I absolutely had to visit Daveís Den on the northern side of town to ease our other affliction. Dave has 8000 odd models on display with some for sale, less a TK Bedford, VW Van and a couple of others we rescued.

Dave who knows us well, was astounded to see us together in his premises (a first) and we had about 20 minutes with him before the other afflicted ones from the car show started to arrive. Outside were two Mustangs, a TR3A, two P76ís, an old restored Jap motorcycle and a couple of other cars. Dave may have had a good late afternoon. Pop in if youíre passing, itís worth a look.

As happens, time elapses and one must away home and so it was, the P76ís and the Mustangs departed Daveís Den and Dannevirke after a very full on day, nay weekend for many as a lot of enthusiasts went to both shows, not just us. All things being equal it will happen again and hopefully on a bigger scale.

Speaking of which, catch the Panpac Kenworth below. I used to race these over the Napier Taupo Road in my PA Vauxhall and sometimes Iíd beat them. Trucks, tractors, motorcycles, all nationalities and types of cars and other things with wheels appear at WWA, P76ís too!

The following represent a smattering of the exhibits to be seen at WWA.

1973 Panpac Kenworth LW924R. 

For me there were a surprising number of Ford's! For starters there has to be a Model A, this one from 1928.

How can you ignore a 1949 Ford 69C panel van, you can't!
This old truck, a 1944 Ford V8 was queued next to me in Neptune Street and it's old V8 sounded terrific. 

A 1956 Hillman Minx.

My choice of Chevrolet, 1958 and I don't think it's the first time I've photographed this one!
Vauxhall again, a split window 1958 PA and again not the first time I've photographed this car either!

Another Vauxhall, this time a 1963 PB from Palmerston North.

Daimler SP250
Now you can believe it when I say if it has wheels it's welcome. The restored tractor is an International T6 and the original one is a McCormick TD2.

This wee Morgan's photo was supplied by Dave Bray.

Another very small classic caravan, increasingly common additions to classic car shows and all very well done.