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Evolution of the P-76

BY Ian Waddell -Adapted by Rob Jones

On the first day God created the Heavens, the Earth, and the Rimutaka Hill Road but He wasn't happy.
His Kingswood would sway on the corners, crawl up the hills, and use heaps of juice.

On the second day, God took a new track and created the Falcon.
He enjoyed the feeling of power, and it was fun. But it still used heaps of petrol.

So, on the third day, God created the Torana V8, and it flew up the hills.
It never broke down, but the corners remained a problem.
Yet He had tasted close to the ultimate in power and craved for more.

On the fourth day He added a 650 Holley, extractors, and twin 2" exhausts and created adrenalin.
His insurance premium doubled and it cost a fortune to get the body fixed.
He had also created fear (His hair turned white), and the cliche "Enough is enough".

On the fifth day God created the 351 GT.
He would cruise up and down hills in top gear, and pick up heaps of babes.
But the hog was too heavy, broke down a lot and handled like the proverbial brick sh—————se, and the

Then on the sixth day, God made the 5 litre Commodore.
He would still pick up the babes outside the Rimutaka Tavern and it sounded good.
His car felt light, and for the first time corners were fun. It handled! God was stoked!!!
But its weak body worried Him crazy, it was a touch gutless, and it still ran out of juice every 100 miles. He wasn't happy, but He was close.

So finally, on the seventh day, God produced a car with the speed of a 351 GT (almost!), the reliability of Rolls Royce (what else?) and the handling of a Commodore.
He could afford the petrol, tune it Himself, pick up chicks, and still blow off 351's through the corners.

He called His car P76, and He was happy!!!