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Happy in my P76

BY Michael Livingstone

This song was sung to Michael Livingstone by 120 people involved in a rally he was directing. I rediscovered this in an old Leyland Post magazine from May 1995 and republished it in Penzed in November 2015. Sadly Michael has since passed away

It was written by triple P76 owner Denis Shepherd to the tune of ďThe pub with no beerĒ and Iím sure both gentlemen will be happy to see it preserved on our web site. Rob Jones.


It's lonesome from your kindred and all
By the campfires at night when the wild dingoes call
But you can be happy out here in the sticks
If you go out and buy a P76

Now some like their Holdenís and some like their Fordís
And some like Cadillacís for pleasing their broads
Chevvies and Rileyís can give you your kicks
But there is nothing as sexy as a P76

Young Michael from Coota has the 76 bug
His car is a beauty and heís feeling quite smug
The colours a brown which Gwen doesnít like
But she says itís more comfy than riding a bike

Now Deidre and Arthur are buying them too
And Gareth from Junee has three, yes thatís true
Theyíre simple to work on and easy to fix
Thatís why they are all buying a P76

Our Secretary John, the pride of our club
WHas a T model Ford and a shiny V-dub
But Iím sure heíd be happy to try a few tricks
At the wheel of a Leyland P 76

If you want a fast car thatís good on the straights
Buy a P76 (or two P38ís)
The brothers called Leyland would have made better pix
If only theyí used a P76

The boot is enormous, they say it can fit
A forty four gallon drum and still spare a bit
But itís really for carrying home all the bits
That drop off while youíre driving the P76