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P76 Nuts

BY Frank Waghorn

We are gathered here this evening, P Nuts one and all
To have a little party, not too big and not too small;
To talk about our Leylands, how to care for and to fix
There's not a one amongst us, would part with his P76

I'd like to wish you welcome, you've come from near and far
To help me show the Reef ton—ites a really decent car.
Most stories that we have heard make us really savage
So we're all out to show them these cars are "anything but average

It makes us members really mad to hear the critics say
"Those cars are no damn good - throw the thing away;
For the boot lid won't stay open and the bonnet won't stay shut
The visors will fall down, just when you want them up;
The oil pump drive is bound to break and the valley gaskets blow"
There's not a one has owned one, so tell me how they know.

Well I've had mine for 14 years and I didn't buy it new
None of these things has happened and it's still in good nick too;
So next time someone says to me "Don't tow or it'll break in half"
I'll just give a grin and try hard not to laugh;
For I'm well pleased with what I've got - and members they are too
We just wish that we had all bought one when they were new.

So next time you go out driving, don't look straight at the ground
Keep your eyes wide open and have a look around
For somewhere out there in a shed, or maybe in the sticks
You may find a really good Leyland P76.