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Edward A Tubman

BY Rob Jones


 Founder, Past President, Secretary, Northern parts co-ordinator, (did I miss any?) technical advisor, Targa Rally team head mechanic, event organiser and extremely active member has just retired from Executive Service to our Club after 30 years without a break. Just the committee, he's still an active member. Dedicated, eccentric, maybe even a bit loud at times this bloke has done an awful lot for all of us for a damn long time.

Loudness pertains to herding cats!

The photos show him involved with two of his three main passions, driving his P76, steadfastly ignoring us passing him and taking his picture, cuddled up to an old petrol pump at Puketitiri, he loves them, and an old photo of him and partner Annette at a club dinner, the 1987 Auckland AGM dinner in fact. My, haven't we all changed since then!

His other passions are his train layout which I don't have a photo of, but if you ever visit him insist on seeing the garage beneath the house, and his die cast model collection, largely based on petrol tankers and other fuel related subjects. While I don't have trains I perfectly understand this other fascination and in fact we help each other out in this field.

I first met Ed at the Braemar Hospital in Hamilton where he and Dale Rawlings were waiting for the hordes of P76s to arrive to so they could form this club. The rest as they say is history. I remember his P76, the same one he has today, just it was an AEB Super back then, turning up to events with a huge chiller in the boot full of refreshment different times! This was sold to members at competitive prices under some arrangement with the supplier I guess.

I have many photos of Ed recovering wrecked or for wrecking P76s behind his AEB car contributing to the parts catalogue now held by the club. A few of these probably went into 76H, the street stock run in the Waikato competition for several years but that was great publicity for the club as we grew and developed.

Many trips, some shared with us, to National Rallies in Australia, breaking down the old barriers between our two countries to arrive at the new level of cooperation we now have within our clubs. This will lead to increasing opportunities to keep us Leylanding and a lot of that goes back to Ed and others who have trekked over the ditch regularly. It has taken many years to finally arrive at a Council of Leyland P76 Clubs. A sign of mature progress.

How many parts of New Zealand have we toured with Ed and Annette, visiting major tourist attractions such as Whangamomona, Honokiwi, Blackball, Te Puia Springs, Jerusalem and many others. Who do you think is responsible for us becoming so familiar with historic railways and the exciting rides they offer, model shops and lighthouses, another must do on any Leyland trip. He is also keen on observing the historic sites signposted on our back country roads, even if they are a bit off the beaten track.

Ed and Annette have opened their doors and offered hospitality to dozens of members from around New Zealand, some of us many times! It seemed to me that we became mates pretty quickly, remember that I lived in Taupo then and thought nothing of driving my CC S V8 up north for a meeting. The pig on a spit at Lichfield has to be one of the most memorable but then the Napier AGM left us with some pretty vivid memories also!

I must be right about us becoming mates as Ed was my best man when Sonya and I married.

While we don't agree on everything, like rugby teams and beer I think it fair to say that since Bill Bolt passed away in 1992 and I inherited a couple of committee positions we have steered the club in a healthy direction (not without discussion) and been ably assisted by several other members who have served on Natcom.  

Natcom is short for National Committee, now it is explained for the last time. These include Gordon Gruebner, David Brown, Philip Vallance, Don Alexander, Murray Hatchard, Philip Meyer and of course the current incumbents.

So the time has come for Edward to have a rest and fair enough to. The entire Club has a lot to be thankful to Ed for. His unerring passion for his P76 and the Club has seen us grow and consolidate. For years we have expected a major decline in membership but have seen a small increase nearly every year over the last five or six years. Even with the losses this year we actually have more new members than those that are leaving us and some of them will probably return.

On behalf of us all Edward I'd like to thank you for the huge effort you have applied over 30 years on our behalf. You have built a great club and I'm sure many would not have believed we would ever be here now and in such good form.

I hope I've done you justice in this little history and I assure you readers that he knew nothing of this until he opened his Penzed exactly as you did