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Our long weekend away

November 15th 2013

by Jenifer Alexander


The P76's of Murray Adrian and Roy.
The SO and AG Executives are replaced by a Nissan and a Rolls Royce!
Is that the Kaniere Empire Hotel?

The long weekend generated by Canterbury Anniversary Day (our Show Day) gave us an opportunity to have an extra day together so on Friday 15th November, our group consisting of George Weigel and Sandy, John and Frances Warren, Murray Hatchard and Muriel, Fleming and Betty Biddick, Adrian Crequer and Don and Jenifer Alexander, left Christchurch for our trip to the West Coast.

Once again we were short of Leyland's and missed the company of Ken McKenzie who has transferred to Motueka and was celebrating his 70th birthday on that very day. Congratulations Ken and we wish you many more birthdays in the future

However the Warren's Nutmeg Executive made the journey, plus Murray Hatchard's Crystal White Super which provided transport for Muriel and Fleming and Betty Biddick, and Adrian Crequer' s Nutmeg Executive. Unfortunately Don's P76 was still in Methven being painted so he was reduced to driving his “new" Rolls Royce, a 1988 Silver Spirit 2. Members will be interested to know that Don reckons the P76 handles better than the Rolls especially on corners. At Amberley, we were joined by Roy and Paula Buchanan in their Bitter Apricot Deluxe. Morning tea was enjoyed in a café at Culverden then we headed off through the Lewis Pass to Reefton where members Frank and Robyn Waghorn reside. They met us in the township and had organised a booking for lunch at a local café. We also met up with Kevin Thompson, son of Ian Thompson who once had 7 x P76’s in Nelson. Kevin also joined us for lunch and is keen to join the Club. He mentioned that he has lots of parts, no doubt acquired from the 7 cars belonging to his father. From Reefton we drove on to Greymouth where we stayed for 2 nights

On Saturday moming we went to Hokitika and visited the local market there and poked about the town. Unfortunately we had left the good weather behind in Christchurch and the West Coast weather was fairly typical - grey and drizzly though not unduly cold. Our lunch stop was the little historic gold mining town of Ross. We drove around Lake Kaniere which is quite picturesque. (Kaniere is the Editors fathers’ home town) There is a “Tree Tops Walk” near Hokitika but views from the tree tops would have been impeded by the clouds, so we decided to have this experience another time when the weather was fine. Greymouth member Barry Brown, who lives only a few doors from where we were staying, was contacted and we spent an evening with him. His brown car has been out of action for several years and is parked up in his garage awaiting attention. (How about that Barry?)

On Sunday we all went our separate ways - George and Sandy returning via the Lewis Pass again as their Nissan car was giving some trouble and they thought that route would be a safer option. Adrian's car had a bit of a heating problem going over the Lewis Pass but once cooled, gave no further problems. We drove home via Lake Brunner with a coffee stop at Arthur's Pass and arrived back in Christchurch mid-afternoon. 


Thanks again to Sandy for organising yet another enjoyable trip away.

Important faces from the Southern Group.
Frank Waghorn, Betty Biddick, Fleming Biddick
Damn engine has to be around here somewhere!
The experts Consult on Adrian's (over)heating problem.
Don't you dare hook a rope onto that P76!