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The 35th Sunbeam Club Classic Car Excursion

Saturday December 13 2014

by Rob Jones

The 35th Sunbeam Club Classic Car Excursion from Featherston to Lake Ferry for a picnic or lunch at the pub. This low key and free event attracts all makes of car and all are invited, if you think you drive a classic, are in a club or not, you are welcome to partake in a smorgasbord of makes and models, and so it was, except for the pub lunch option as they were hosting a wedding reception. The cheek of it!

The Jones family went to Featherston for the day, Sonya, Megan and Abby and I in the P76, the only one to be seen amongst the 31 different makes I noted on the day. It was great to catch up with Dave and Sandra Bray in their Porsche 356, haven't seen them in a while. There were many other familiar faces including the Shackleton’s (remember them) and many of my SCA customers. Ok, the weather packed a sad and we (the girls anyway) picnicked in the P while I braved the wind and drizzle to look at cars and chat. A new presence was to be seen in the form of the Central Districts Holden club with numerous pre Commodore models to look at.

A real drawcar was the Ferrari 330 P4 (above), the current NZCC cover car, a picture of which follows along with a small cross section including a smart 1957 Austin A35, a 1955 Triumph TR2 and a 1967 Mk4 Zodiac which appeared to be totally original. If the little girl in pink likes a car she insists on being in the photo! Yes that's Abby in her pink P76 Club shirt.

Additional cars on the Lake Ferry Run included these regular attendees of 1929 Austin 7, Chrysler 70, this Lotus Elan and a 1937?Talbot