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October 2015

by Jenifer Alexander


Dirty P76 HB7961.

Fourteen people and 7 Leyland’s travelled to Oamaru once more for our annual weekend away which coincided with Oamaru’s Heritage celebration. The locals dress up in Victorian garb and all the experiences of yester year are relived - a steam engine, steam car, vintage fire engine, penny farthing bikes and much more in the street parade.

We were entertained by Morris dancers, singing groups, comedians and acrobats to name but a few and a Victorian fete was held on Sunday with art, craft, old books, brick a brac and food stalls galore. Our group also went on a tour of four historic homes, the oldest having been built in 1865 and others in 1869, 1882 and 1890. (May Oamaru never suffer a big earthquake!)

It is becoming a usual thing for there to be more “out of towners" than Christchurch members with Ken Mckenzie making the trip down from Motueka, Graham Storer from Kaitangata, Roy and Paula from Methven and Brian and Lynne Morris from Waikouaiti. Christchurch members were John and Frances Warren, Eric Connor and Lesley, and Don and Jenifer Alexander plus two family members. Here they are in another order thanks to Eric’s phone.

Ok, I will; be kind. L to R front to back then back to front on the other side we see Eric, Lesley Frances, John, Paula, Roy, Brian, Lynne, Ken, Graham, Don and Jenifer.

Our next event is the Christmas Dinner on December 12 at Robbie’s, the venue for our bi monthly meetings. This building is to be demolished very soon so our last chance to gather together within its familiar walls and celebrate another year of Leyland activities. Where will you go once Robbie’s is no more?

And again thanks to Eric we can jump ahead and see the happy faces (fare welling) Robbie’s over Christmas dinner and this time we have some new faces for Penzed, faces I’m sure have not blessed our pages before. These photos look so good full screen on my pc but it seems they can’t be made too much bigger than you see here now, but I’m looking into that because they are great records and deserve a bigger viewing.

Welcome to Penzed, L to R as before we see Mark Hammond, Helen Prouting, Don Prouting, Eric, Roy, Brian Morris, Adrian Crequer, John, Frances, Sandy Downes, George Weigel, Jenifer, Don, Fleming, Betty, Bev Clifton – Mogg, Lynne Morris, Paula, Lesley and Christine Hammond. There are several new faces in this group and some we haven’t seen in a while either.

On their way to Oamaru Eric and Lesley went touring for a couple of days and Eric sent me some photos of their trip. In particular I liked the picture of his car in Danseys Pass which reminded me of my car as it so often appears after we have been travelling across country.

A good metal road bordered by shale or papa rock and lots of dust and dirt to prove you have been somewhere, and no shiny 4WD to be seen anywhere. Well done Eric and Lesley.

Lesley and the car take a break!

And when they arrived in Oamaru and took part in all the activities on offer you will always come across some vintage/classic vehicles to add to your day and so it was that Eric sent this photo of a 1953 BSA spotted at the Oamaru swap meet, just to add something different to the mix. Thanks for the words and photos Eric.

Members enjoying a refresher L to R are Lyn and Brian Morris, Roy and Paula Buchanan and Leslie Lee.

It seems wherever you go in New Zealand you will find a spectacular array of cars on display be it in the north or south islands.  Eric captured these beauties at the Oamaru Swap Meet, including the BSA mentioned in the report.  Enjoy.